“l1ght” 1s an or1g1nal odyssey through ethereal vo1ces, heavy drums & percuss1ve l1nes… exclus1vely mastered 1n 432Hz th1s album w1ll carry your m1nd to new realms… 1t 1s not just another mus1c album but 1n a sense an or1g1nal transcr1pt of thoughts and experiences… put your headphones on, boost the volume & let the experience begins…


genre: alternat1ve/amb1ent-electro

record1ng, m1x1ng, m1d1 programmat1on & all 1nstruments played by alain tartevet

recorded at “beamsh1p” stud1o – nc – USA

includes “agnus de1”, “voyager” & “the dark s1de”

watch the mus1c v1deo of “sorrow“, wr1tten on homage to the v1ct1ms of the fukush1ma d1saster that occurred 1n march 11, 2001 1n Japan